Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucky Ears

Doodle is self conscious about the size of her ears, to the point that she doesn't like to pull her hair back. Unexpectedly, I'm taking advantage of the large number of Chinese women being shown in the Olympics coverage on NBC to point out all the Chinese female athletes whose ears are larger than Doodle's, at the same time noting how beautiful they are. I hope it makes Doodle at least a tad less self conscious.

Doodle is aware that the Chinese consider wide ear lobes to be lucky, but it doesn't make her feel any better. We've actually had people in China and staff in Chinese restaurants here in the U.S. comment on what wonderfully lucky ears Doodle has. Nowadays they don't seem so lucky to me; I want the curtain of hair to be tied back. I need to cross my fingers that this phase passes quickly.

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AZMom said...

I think she is beautiful too :-) I think they all find something they want to hide at one time or another.