Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

The girls went back to school this week. Both girls have first-time teachers who have just graduated from college. Enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge about the latest techniques balanced against experience and knowledge about how things work well. I'll probably be helping out in Tootle's class more often than I intended so I can keep an eye on things. This has much less of an impact on Doodle because she only has her homeroom teacher for one class a day: science. Doodle is much more affected by getting the same math teacher that she had last year, the one who couldn't seem to teach much in a way that Doodle, and many of the other kids in the class, could understand. Sigh. Tootle, the winking girl, was "thrilled" to go back to school. Doodle was less so, mainly because she doesn't have any of her close friends in her class. By day 2, Doodle started to get into the swing of things. I expect that she will make new friends this year, and keep the old (most of whom have been her friend since kindergarten or 1st grade).


AZMom said...

Cute pics. Our kids aren't allowed wheeled backpacks.

I hope the school year is successful and that the teachers exceed your expectations. Hopefully the math teacher will get it together this year.

elizabeth said...

I hope you and your girls have a great school year! I thought that was so cute, how both have the same first day shirt and are both crossing their arms =)