Monday, November 17, 2008


Even since Tootle saw her beloved kindergarten teacher and her darling baby girl on Halloween, she has been counting down the last 17 days with much anticipation. Mrs A's maternity leave ended today. Mrs. A's former students stop by her room every morning to see her on their way to their classrooms, and she always makes time to listen to them. Sometimes there are as many as 20 kids in the classroom while the current crop of kindergartners wait in the hallway until it is time to come in. Tootle had been incensed that she couldn't do this when school started but now she'll be making up for lost time. This morning she wrote one of her little books for Mrs. A's baby and proudly presented it to Mrs. A. Mrs. A promised that she would read it to her daughter tonight. How sweet.

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AZMom said...

That is too sweet and that baby is too cute!

Thanks for checking up on me. I just posted an update. I just want my life to settle down and I want hubby to find a that too much to ask? Oy!!!