Saturday, November 1, 2008


I generally think that teenagers are too old for trick or treating but two older boys got my best costume vote last night. One of the boys had a Dick Cheney mask on one shoulder and a George W. Bush mask on the other shoulder. He had a sign on his chest that read "Your second worst nightmare." His friend was dressed as the worst nightmare: John McCain. When I opined that Sarah Palin is actually my worst nightmare, the boys agreed but admitted that neither was willing to dress like her.

This afternoon we saw a not so positive example of teenager behavior. When we got home from Tootle's soccer game, after being away for about four hours, we noticed that our jack o lanterns were missing. We found them smashed far down the street. Our next door neighbor, who was working on his car, remembers seeing a group of teenagers kicking something orange down the street. I wasn't aware that pumpkins made good soccer balls. Grrr.

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