Friday, November 7, 2008

Rest in Peace

Joey died last night, surrounded by his parents, brother, and grandparents. He had a staph infection. His body, with his weak heart, wasn't strong enough to fight it. He had a heart checkup at the hospital last week, and he may have picked up the infection there (his checkups always involved a stay in the hospital). I'm having a hard time believing that the chubby blond smiling boy who my girls just played with on Sunday is no longer among us. He had just started to talk, calling his parents mama and dada. Because Joey's health was so fragile, our relationship with him was a bit distant. We played with and smiled at him but never held him. It saddens me that I won't see his big smile and dancing blue eyes again except in my memories. Please continue to pray for the family.


elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. There are really no words. I will pray for him and for those who loved him.

Beverly said...

I am so sorry! Praying for the family.