Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve Bullets

  • My Obama/Biden car magnet arrived in the mail today. I dashed to the grocery store tonight for a few items, and I'm sure my magnet was the deciding factor for some uncommitted voters (insert heavy sarcasm here).
  • I wish I had made the time to do more for Obama: I have friends and neighbors who are doing legal work, making calls, etc., but things like Halloween events planning, sickness, and school struggles have kept me home. I'll do my part in the voting booth tomorrow.
  • There will be one fewer vote for McCain in Pennsylvania. My mom's twin sister broke her leg after the deadline for absentee voting so she won't be able to exercise her right to vote this year. She's in a wheelchair because she is unable to use crutches due to a shoulder injury a few years ago. Fortunately they live in a ranch house.
  • We made some goodies for the election day bake sale at Doodle's school. Feeling a bit pinched for time, I bought Ghiradelli brownie mix for the first time. I got two boxes so we could try it before offering them for sale. The brownies got a big thumbs up from Doodle who said they were like "eating heaven." We also made whoopie pies.

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