Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cast Off

When the nurse sawed off Tootle's cast this afternoon, I was struck by how fragile and small her arm looks. She's still like an injured baby bird. She was very cautious about using her right arm all night although she says that it doesn't hurt at all when she does use it. By Thursday she likely will throw caution to the wind and it will be like her broken wrist never happened. The doctor said that the wrist is fully healed and only gave her one restriction: no monkey bars for another month. She can go ice skating so we likely will head to a rink this weekend. I ordered ice skates for her tonight from LL Bean. They are supposed to be more comfortable than regular skates and are described as being like sneakers. They have to be better than the rental skates, and how can we go wrong with pink.

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Beverly said...

In pink iceskates she could probably be the olympic skater she always knew she could be.


Happy Thanksgiving.