Friday, November 16, 2007

Recalls and Holiday Shopping

This morning I got an e-mail from Toys R Us assuring me of their "commitment to safety." The company has implemented more product testing, and is demanding that their manufacturers do the same. Somehow I still feel a bit uneasy, perhaps because I have Aqua Dots sitting on a closet shelf waiting to be returned to Spin Master in a prepaid envelope. While I'm waiting for this envelope to arrive, I go back and forth about whether I am going to trust the replacement product that they send. I've already decided not to buy Tootle any Dora the Explorer toys for Christmas because I think that she will soon outgrow Dora, and why take a chance. Under the tree on Christmas morning, Tootle will find a Polly Pocket cruise ship (there are no magnets), a V-tech Nitro notebook, a few puzzles and games, and the American Girl Ivy doll. Doodle no longer plays with the types of things that have been recalled. She will get the Ivy doll, a rock tumbler, some games, and a few books. Most of these items have already been purchased online or in stores, so I'll be able to call this holiday shopping season a wrap soon. Time to move on to the holiday card.

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