Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Funk

I'm feeling sorry for myself tonight for several reasons:

  • In working with a colleague on a book that we are coediting, I am feeling jealous of her life. She has homes in Manhattan and the Jersey shore, a fulfilling career, and adult kids who are out doing good in the world. I don't want the girls to leave the nest yet (and maybe never), and my friend is a bit older than me, but I do want her life in 10-15 years.
  • Doodle has a more exciting social life than I do. Tonight she went to dinner at a friend's house and then to see The Bee Movie with the friend's family. Tootle and I stopped at McDonald's for dinner and then went to the grocery store to pick up snacks for tomorrow morning's soccer game in 40 degree weather.
  • I have to put away/recycle the girls' spring/summer clothes and organize the piled up fall/winter stuff in drawers. I loathe this job. I think I'll make Doodle my apprentice so she can be responsible for her own stuff in the spring.
  • I am facing certain humiliation on Sunday. Doodle's soccer team caps off their season with a girls vs. parents game. I've never played soccer in my life, but my precious daughter expects me to do it. One friend is planning to send in her teenage son as her substitute. I can't copy her idea because even though Tootle would definitely play better than I can, she's on the injured list for another week. Doesn't Doodle realize that I'm certain to embarrass her?

Time to raid the Halloween candy stash.

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