Thursday, November 8, 2007

Elephants, I Think

In advising someone about Disney World highlights for a two-year-old, I was reminded of one of my favorite Doodle stories. In October 2000, when Doodle was 2, we went to Disney World as part of a giant CCAI reunion. We had a blast catching up with our travel group and taking advantage of all the special character meet and greets CCAI arranged (Doodle loved hugging the characters and even let the Genie from Aladdin hold her). Doodle's favorite ride, and she loved them all, was It's a Small World, AKA "the boat ride" in two-year-old Doodle speak.

A few days after coming home, I told her that we were going to vote in the presidential election that day and that we might have to stand in line. The following exchange occurred:

Doodle: Boat ride? (said the veteran of Magic Kingdom lines)

Me: No, we're not going back to Disney World today (as that infernal song started to play in my head yet again). But there are elephants and donkeys.

Doodle: Elephants, I think.

My little prognosticator accurately forecast the election results.

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Beverly said...

So what is she predicting this next year?