Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Two More Weeks

Poor Tootle. She woke up this morning looking flushed and declaring that she didn't feel well. My instant diagnosis was sinus infection, so I called the doctor's office for an appointment. Two hours later, the doctor confirmed my amateur diagnosis, and we headed to CVS to fill the prescription. After lunch at home I loaded her back in the car for an appointment with the orthopedist. She fell asleep on the way there and cried loudly as the nurse sawed off the cast. The doctor decided that we need to protect the wrist bones for a bit longer (probably a good call for a kid who loves the monkey bars) so she got a new cast and a promise that it will come off in two weeks. When we got home, Doodle and her friend raced to sign the new cast. This cast is thankfully blue, so it won't show the dirt nearly as much as the glow in the dark one. The new cast also stops below Tootle's elbow so she has more mobility. Tootle went to bed early. I hope she has a better day tomorrow.

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Beverly said...

Two more weeks? Oh poor Tootle. But fresh signatures? cool!!