Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Hershey Bars

We're considering an excursion to Hersheypark's Christmas Candylane when we're in Pennsylvania later this week visiting relatives. The possibility led two excited girls to ask me to measure them. In our household height is measured according to Hersheypark's candy bar coded ride restriction guidelines. This summer Tootle was a Reeses (able to ride the Comet wooden rollercoaster) and Doodle a Hershey bar (cleared for various steel rollercoasters and bumper cars). Tootle desperately wants to be a Hershey Bar and Doodle a Twizzler (cleared for the kind of rollercoasters that I probably won't let her ride). As of this morning, Tootle stands at 48 inches in her shoes, officially a Hershey bar. Doodle, at 53 inches, is still an inch shy of her goal. She should become a Twizzler in time for next summer's trip to Hersheypark. Very few of the thrilling rides are open in the winter (the rollercoasters can't run in the cold weather) so falling short shouldn't matter too much. Doodle, who didn't become a Hershey bar until she was 7, is amazed that Tootle has reached this milestone at age 5. My tall girl is likely to tower over her older sister in a few short years.

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Beverly said...

What a fun way to measure height.