Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

From breakfast time until it was time for me to leave for work, Tootle spent nearly every minute trying to trick me. I had lice in my hair, caterpillars on the window, etc. She didn't get my hint that she should wait until I was unsuspecting.

Tootle's teacher and the teacher in the classroom next to theirs "got" their unsuspecting classes today. Yesterday Tootle came home with the news that her class would be getting a new boy today, a twin whose sister would be in the class next door (this would make the third set of twins in these two classes). A few minutes ago Tootle called with the news that it was all a trick. Rex and his sister Roxi were dinosaur balloons. Tootle had as much success tricking her teacher as she did me: zero. I may have to fake it tonight.

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