Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dates to Remember

April 16: the first time I paid more than $40 to fill my Subaru Outback gas tank ($3.39 a gallon at the time; it has gone up since then)

April 17: first time I mowed the grass this season

April 18: Doodle gets yet another cold/fever that lasts for four days

April 19: quick trip to Pennsylvania to take my aunt out to dinner for her birthday (we see an equal number of Clinton and Obama signs; I expect to be disappointed in my home state today)

April 20: more than 3 inches of rain and a wet basement floor, thankfully not from the rain but from an unbalanced washer load that overflowed

April 20: only 10 more days until Doodle turns 10

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Beverly said...

Happy upcoming Birthday,Doodle!!