Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Green Eggs

After a late afternoon pediatric dentist appointment for both girls and a quick trip to Pet Smart and Kohl's, we stopped at IHOP for dinner (I can't remember the last time we went there, probably five years ago or so). IHOP is currently offering several Horton Hears a Who inspired kids' meals, and Tootle enthusiastically ordered Jo Jo's Breakfast, which featured pancakes with boysenberry and blueberry glazes and topped with a lollipop along with green eggs and ham. Thankfully the green was spinach rather than dye, but I was skeptical about whether Tootle would enjoy it. She scarfed it down, declaring it delicious between bites. She even asked me to make it at home, so I need to put spinach on the grocery list. She also enjoyed the pancakes, but only ate one bite of the ham. I'm a mean mommy who drew the line at Beezlenut Splash, a lemon lime drink with chunks of jello in it. Tootle seemed happy with her chocolate milk, but I might have given in to the messy drink if I had known how much she would enjoy her healthy spinach.


Beverly said...

Ugh! good thing she ate it.


Vanessa said...

Hey, we were just at IHOP for dinner this evening, and my daughter had the exact same thing (only without the ham because we don't eat meat). Personally, I would never want to order pancakes that came with Day-Glo topping and a sucker stuck in, but I don't think I'm exactly the target demographic. :)