Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Olympic Torch and National Geographic

While sitting in the dentist's waiting room this morning, Tootle and I enjoyed ogling the gorgeous pictures of China in the May issue of National Geographic, which is fully devoted to China and titled China: Inside the Dragon. In leafing through the issue, which I intend to buy at my earliest convenience (I can't wait to read the article by Amy Tan), I noticed a map of the Olympic Torch route. The torch will go through both Doodle's and Tootle's hometowns: Longyan, Fujian on May 13 and Hangzhou, Zhejiang on May 18. The best part is that we can go to the torch's Web site and see photos and videos of the torch's journey through these cities, and every other city on the route. The torch race route in 2002 passed within 100 yards of my office at the time, and I found it thrilling to watch it go past me, even if it was practically in the blink of an eye. I hope that all the issues that are currently polluting the 2008 Olympics dissipate and that the games are a huge success.

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Beverly said...

That is very cool.