Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Some toys have far longer shelf lives than others. One of the long-time favorites in our house is Kapla building blocks. Doodle loved playing with these pine blocks in her kindergarten enrichment class five years ago, so I invested in some. Five years later, she and her friends still love to create cool structures with them, and Tootle does too. Each block is an identically sized and shaped piece of pine, with dimensions in the proportions 1:3:15. The possibilities seem to be endless. Doodle and a friend recently created an exclusive hotel just for celebrities, complete with several buildings, walkways, and a swimming pool/diving board. Tootle likes to build towers with tall crosses on top. Kapla blocks are my secret weapon on weekends when Tootle wakes up too early, and I still want to sleep; they can keep her entertained for at least an hour. I see that Kapla now has some colored planks; maybe Santa will have to bring some this year.


Benjamin Takemori said...

Dear Donna

My name is Ben Takemori and I happen to work for Kapla Toys! One of our reporting services picked up your blog (we subsrcibe to a service that regularily scans the internet for anything Kapla related). We are always on the lookout for great photos, stories etc- and were quite pleased by your blog story on Kapla. I would like to send you a small token of our appreciation if possible. Could you please send me your mailing address- my email is: benjamin@kaplatoys.com (you can visit our website kaplatoys.com to verify that if you like- under the contact section) Thanks again for the great write up- keep those kids building!


benjamin takemori

AZMom said...

SWEET! That is a nice bonus to something that you were just bloggin about anyway!

My kids love blocks too and BB's kindy class had those blocks. We just have the regular green, yellow, blue blocks like I had as a kid but my 2 will play with them for hours on end.