Monday, September 8, 2008


Our community pool is still open from after school until dusk, but the girls' schedule is so jam packed that we can't get there except Friday night and over the weekend. Here is our schedule for this week:

Monday: Tootle's soccer practice; Doodle serves as a junior assistant coach
Tuesday: Doodle, Girl Scouts
Wednesday: Doodle, soccer practice
Thursday: Doodle, piano lesson
Friday: day of rest; playdates
Saturday: soccer games
Sunday: Doodle, soccer practice

Starting in October, Tootle starts Daisy Girl Scouts and an after school Chinese class, so the schedule will get even more crowded for a month until the soccer season ends. Then, Tootle will start skating lessons again, and Doodle is likely to play basketball.

Yesterday one of Doodle's friends called while we were at the pool; she wanted to come over to play. When Doodle called S back as we were headed out the door to soccer practice, she realized that she wouldn't be able to play until Friday. Doodle didn't complain, but I think she'll be happy when her schedule eases up a bit.


Beverly said...

wow you guys are busy. I will be making that cake with Glenys this week because it looks like something easy she can do or help me with.

AZMom said...

Your schedule is as bad as ours. :-)

Donna said...

It really does get crazy once the school year starts, doesn't it?!