Monday, September 22, 2008

Two for Tootle

Tootle scored two goals in her soccer game on Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn't see her score because I was 10 miles away at Doodle's game. The girls have the exact same game time 3 of the of the 8 weeks in the fall season. Nana generously takes Tootle to her games but isn't willing to drive Doodle because she prefers to avoid highway driving. Doodle and I did get to see about 15 minutes of Tootle's game this week before we had to leave. More of the same next week; I'll finally get to see Tootle's entire game on October 4.

Doodle's team is adjusting to more competitive play. This week they tied. I predict a win next week; I'm really impressed with how much the girls have stepped up their level of play.