Monday, September 29, 2008


Tootle had a fabulous time at the sleepover party. When I arrived to pick her up for church on Sunday morning, she was still in her pajamas, accessorized with a superhero cape. She was pretty tired last night so we didn't have much of a pre-bedtime chat. Tonight I finally got around to asking her if she missed us when she was at the party. The following exchange probably falls into the too much information (TMI) category:

Me: I know that you had a great time at the party, but did you miss us at all at bedtime.

Tootle, as she breaks into a fit of giggles that lasts for several minutes: Well, I missed smelling your armpits. (As she settles down at night, Tootle often asks me to put my arm over my head so she can snuggle and smell my deodorant. She always sniffs and tells me that she likes the smell. )

Me, as I kiss her on the forehead: Did you miss these kisses?

Tootle, as she breaks into a fresh round of giggles: A little.

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AZMom said...

ROFLOL That is cute. I am glad she had fun!