Monday, June 30, 2008

Long Fu Girls in Numbers

The girls from Doodle's orphanage all have the last name of Long (the orphanage is Longyan) and a first name that begins with Fu. As we spent a hot, sticky weekend with 4 of the 9 Long Fu girls from our travel group--3 of whom are 10 and 1 who is 11--I noted some similarities and some differences:

  • Girls with pierced ears: 3, all within the last year (Doodle is the odd girl out here but she doesn't seem interested)
  • Girls who play instruments: 3, perhaps next time we can have a classical guitar, flute, and clarinet concert
  • Long hair: 4 (when you have such gorgeous hair, why not let it grow long)
  • Sports: 3 who play soccer and 1 who plays softball and does karate
  • Oldest child in family: 3
  • Only child: 1
  • Budding photographers: 4
  • Took Chinese language class at a younger age but no longer participate or show much interest in their heritage: 4

The girls got along very well but they no longer hold each other's hands as they walk around. Saturday's activities included a long visit to the zoo, a movie (Wall-E), and dinner and play time at our house (we canceled the sleepover part of the plan due to Friday's health drama). On Sunday we hit the National Archives, Air & Space Museum, and the Natural History Museum. A fun but exhausting weekend.

We parents spent some time talking about the girls' lack of interest in their heritage. It's something we worry about a bit, but thus far the girls all seem comfortable with who they are. I will probably use this summer's Olympics to rekindle Doodle's interest in China; it has dwindled substantially since an all time high three years ago when we went to China to bring her sister home. One of the families is going to China next spring but they have decided not to visit either of their daughters' birthplaces, focusing instead on Beijing, Shanghai, etc. I hope to take the girls back in the next two years and I would like to visit both of their birthplaces. Tootle's orphanage is much more open and easier to get to, but I also want to make the effort for Doodle. In the meantime, at least we are keeping these links to families who share in Doodle's story. I feel fortunate that we like these families so much.

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AZMom said...

Bug does not have a lot of interest in her heritage right now either. She goes in spurts. When they had China week at her daycare, she brought in stuff from China along with her scrapbook. However, the last few weeks she has little to no interest. I think it comes and goes with age and a desire to fit in with all the other kids. :-)

I am glad the Olympics are in Beijing. I am hoping Bug will be excited to see parts of China we did not get to see on our adoption trip.