Monday, June 2, 2008


Sometimes when Tootle wakes up and I'm in the shower, she climbs into my bed and turns on the TV. She knows that she is only allowed to watch PBS or the Disney Channel at that time of day. Today when I emerged from the shower, I found her perched on my bed watching an infomercial for the Chic Shaper bra. As I got dressed she continued to watch the infomercial and I asked her why she was so fascinated with it (I was too interested in why she would find this programming interesting to ask her to change it). No answer, as she kept her eyes glued on the tube. It must have been a 30 minute infomercial because Tootle watched it for at least 15 minutes before I coaxed her downstairs for breakfast. I never did find out what she found so compelling about the infomercial.

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Beverly said...

fantasies of what she will need to be a woman when she is older?? Curiousity is my best guess!