Friday, June 13, 2008

School's Out for the Summer

As the girls head into the somewhat lazy and definitely hazy days of summer, my work schedule kicked into high gear and I was forced to work several 14 hour days this week at the same time that I was preparing teacher gifts, playing Tooth Fairy, and accompanying Tootle's class on a field trip to a farm to pick strawberries. The kids all wilted in the 95 degree heat, and the strawberries were pretty mushy but it was still fun. On the bus ride back to school, in between games of Rock-Paper-Scissors, I learned that one of the boys is convinced that Tootle has a crush on him because she chased him around the playground one day making kissing noises. (I can't imagine her doing this but they both said it was true.) Tootle told him that she was just joking and that she likes another boy, the one who she played with at recess nearly every day this year. This kid is going to keep me hopping.

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Beverly said...

boy crazy at such a young age? Cute pics. looks hot though. Hope your days lessen some.