Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scariest Day Ever

Friday morning did not start out well. Tootle woke up at 5 a.m. with a fever and a desire to vomit. This should have been my sign that this day was doomed. Once Doodle woke up around 8, she discovered that she had drooled some blood from her tooth extraction onto her sheets. She quickly came downstairs and reported that she was hungry and had a headache. Figuring that she could be a bit dehydrated because she hadn't eaten or drank much the night before, I got her some Gatorade as she hoisted herself onto the kitchen counter (something that I always discourage but that she sometimes does anyway). I started to make her breakfast but quickly turned around when I saw her pouring her Gatorade onto the kitchen floor. I started to yell at her that this was not funny when she suddenly fell forward. I caught her and tried to get her to stand. She was totally limp and her eyes rolled back in her head. I have never been so frightened in my life. I screamed for my mom to call 911 and carried Doodle into the living room as I tried to get her to respond. As I started to talk to the 911 operator, Doodle came to and started to cry because she was disoriented. The paramedics came within 5-7 minutes and found that her vital signs were good but advised me to either have her ride in the ambulance to the emergency room or be driven there by me. I drove her, and was impressed with how quickly the emergency room staff got us into a pediatric room and being cared for. The ultimate diagnosis, after having her blood pressure and pulse checked about 5 times, an EKG, and some juice and cookies, was dehydration, and Doodle and I were home by 10:30.

Later in the afternoon I took Tootle to the doctor, and she was diagnosed with an ear infection. I hope that they both are able to hang out with our travel group visitors today. We missed out on Friday's fun, but I don't think anyone would have wanted to risk the possibility of Doodle fainting at the White House in 95 degree heat, and Tootle was so lethargic that she barely moved from the sofa. She did perk up in the evening after her first dose of antibiotics, and Doodle guzzled fluids and seems fine, so things are looking up. I hope Doodle never faints again; it's way too scary.


Beverly said...

OMG!! How scary!!

AZMom said...

YIKES!! That is scary!!! I am glad she is okay!