Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wash Outs

Rain, rain go away. This afternoon we had a tornado warning, and the schools decided to hold the kids at school for an extra 15 minutes or so until it was safe to leave. The storm also knocked out our power at home, and more importantly, the power at the soccer organization's office. Doodle finally had her soccer skills evaluation last weekend, and the office promised to post the results on its Web site but 5 p.m. today, except a notice went up about an hour ago saying that they lost their power too and won't be able to post until the power is restored. I keep refreshing the site to no avail. I don't think we'll see the results until tomorrow morning. This has been the rainiest spring in a long time; Doodle has had 3 soccer games rained out, 2 of which they will try to make up over the next two weekends. Time to hit refresh again.

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Beverly said...

waiting for anything is just hard!!