Thursday, June 5, 2008


Tootle celebrated her sixth birthday today!!! The multiple exclamation points are necessary to convey this message with the same level of enthusiasm as Tootle did in telling numerous people that it was her birthday. It was such a monumental occasion that our school district gave everyone the day off school (and last night's storms that knocked out power to 70 schools may have had something to do with it too). Because we still had no power this morning, both girls went to the office with me this morning. We lasted about 6 hours before packing it in and going to the pool and then out to dinner. Our power was restored about 5 p.m. May all of Tootle's birthdays be as memorable as this one. Now on to Saturday's party; at last count, Tootle will party with 16 of her friends and the heat index is supposed to top 100.

P.S. The loose tooth is still just that, so Tootle will lose her first tooth at age 6 (it can't stay loose for 365 days, can it?).

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Beverly said...

Happy Sixth Bday. Did the tooth come out yet?